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Jelly Wars Online

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Download Jelly Wars Online Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Jelly Wars Online for tablet and phone.
Game description:
A magnificent online arcade in style of loved by many Worms in which players from the whole planet can battle with each other. The main task of the game - to crush and destroy your opponent. You can do it either having blown up a platform under him, or having thrown a shell into him. In the game there’s very good graphics, Zoom, system of a rating and statistician.

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iDracula - Undead Awakening

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Download iDracula - Undead Awakening Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app iDracula - Undead Awakening for tablet and phone.
Game description:
iDracula - Undead Awakening — a shooter from the 3rd person, where you, as known Van Helsing, should fight against various evil spirits and cut it from various guns and bazookas. In the game there’re two modes of game: Survial and Rush. In the first you have to pump over your hero, receiving new skills and arms. In the second you need to survive.

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Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator

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Download Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator with a big stretch can be called a game, but nevertheless this app by all means will please Futurama's admirers, will amuse and will help to kill a couple of hours of free time. In the game you should create your own head completely from the scratch and add it in your own museum of heads. On a choice all four races that were in series will be available for you, there is an opportunity to adjust any part of the head, from its form, to a nose with ears. The creations can be kept in phone gallery, can be established on a desktop or as a call image. Also they can be shared through Facebook and Twitter.

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Download Azada Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Azada for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Azada - is a remarkable game, combined a huge number of mini-games. You should help the main character to get out of a magic hotel. In the game there’re 40 puzzles, 5 levels, excellent graphics, which is accompanied by beautiful special effects, and also good music.

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Diamonds Blaze

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Download Diamonds Blaze Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Diamonds Blaze for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Diamonds Blaze - a colorful logical game in a genre "3 in a row". Collect multi-colored crystals in groups on three and more pieces, receive bonuses, buy additional bonuses and try to gather as many points as possible to win the first place in online table of records. Your task is to collect the maximum of points in 60 seconds. It is possible to find a set of unexpected combinations which will help to gather even more points in the game.

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Download ZombieStreet Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app ZombieStreet for tablet and phone.
Game description:
ZombieStreet - a shooter with defense elements. Your task is to run away from the city captured by zombie. In the game there are 5 different types of weapon, also you will be helped by 4 mercenaries. Good animation of heroes and beautifully drawn backgrounds, realistic special effects.

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Download X-Bugs Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app X-Bugs for tablet and phone.
Game description:
X-Bugs represents an amusing and fascinating arcade in which you will need to press ruthlessly various insects, who will climb from all cracks and try to break through your defense. One mistake in genetic experiment of doctor Bug can change the world habitual to us, and it is your only chance for planet rescue. Genetically mutating bugs attack everything, they can adapt and become stronger, quicker and gain strange abilities! For help you will have different types of weapon for destruction of insects. In particular, you will be able to see a hammer, a fly swatter, a poison and more sophisticated means for destruction of insects. Let's note that at the end of each world you will meet Megaboss for whom it is necessary to spend the entire arsenal. You are waited for by 60 fascinating levels, magnificent graphics and interesting sound registration.

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Starship Disassembly 3D

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Download Starship Disassembly 3D Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Starship Disassembly 3D for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Starship Disassembly 3D - is a peculiar constructor on assembly of the fighting spaceship. After the game there will be a choice: to look at demonstration on dismantling and assembly of the ship or to start this interesting task. At assembly the most important is to observe sequence of actions.

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Ninja Fishing

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Download Ninja Fishing Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Ninja Fishing for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Throw a hook as deep as possible into the ocean, and then use all control facilities to pull out as much fishes as possible. In this amusing game you will be able to fish and to remember Fruit Ninja. The main hero of the game - ninja Otoro. He isn't the best fighter but when speech comes about fishing, he doesn't have any rivals. Throw a hook as deep as possible into the ocean, and then operate it to catch so much fish, how much you will be able. And at the end it will be necessary to cut fish by means of a sword to receive additional gold, which can be spent in the shop on new katana, accumulation of length of a scaffold, a boat, sinkers and the accelerator. The game graphics is simply excellent. Sound and musical registration also you won't disappoint you.

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Iron Wars offers Android game Iron Wars for free download.

Download Iron Wars Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Iron Wars for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Iron Wars represents a very fascinating game in which you should operate an armed sphere and destroy the opponents. You should take part in operations in the territory of numerous labyrinths where you will find various weapon and ammunition, and then look for the enemies, pursuing only one aim - destruction. In the game there’re more than 30 levels in campaign, 9 various maps, 3 modes of game (death match, command death-match and capture of a certain point on the map, with the subsequent deduction), a wide choice of weapon from guns to future plasma guns, 10 skins for your sphere and other interesting things. There is a possibility of a local multiplayer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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