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Krafteers - Tomb Defenders

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Download Krafteers - Tomb Defenders Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Krafteers - Tomb Defenders for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Krafteers - Tomb Defenders for Android is a new adventure game for Android platform, which will tell a story about difficult life of the main character on the desert island. Certainly, he got there against his will, and because of the ship-wreck. He should train to survive in that environment: find food and water, create weapon and useful tools. To survive in this untouched by a person corner, you need to construct a hut, so that it could protect you from uninvited guests in the face of wild animals.

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Galaxy Bowl

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Download Galaxy Bowl Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Galaxy Bowl for tablet and phone.
Game description:
We bring to your attention galactic bowling. Very realistic physics, seventeen spheres in various color scale, because at game there are 20 achievements. Finish the travel in Solar system, having won a victory in this beautiful game.

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Fishing Paradise 3D

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Download Fishing Paradise 3D Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Fishing Paradise 3D for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Fishing Paradise 3D - create and operate your own fishery and travel in the remote exotic places with the guide - a legendary fisherman, Professor Bass. Earn money to unblock new elements, functions and new places. Build a house of your dream on the bank of your own lake and turn this place into a real fishing paradise! In the game there’re 14 beautiful 3D visualized places worldwide, where you should catch various sea fish and hunt on monsters of the Mekong River. Catch fish from a bass and a pack to a slope and a huge catfish, and also the rarest species of fish, using a huge choice of baits and tackles. In the game you can compete with players worldwide for prize-winning places, participating in various tournaments.

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Download Drag'On Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Drag'On for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Drag'On - a cheerful game where you need to assist a small dragon who appeared on the desert island in a random way. To support a dragon, it is necessary to lay a trajectory of flight so that to collect all sweets and thus not to get in claws to a hungry cancer. The game will be pleasant both to your child, and to you!

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CSR Racing

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Download CSR Racing Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app CSR Racing for tablet and phone.
Game description:
CSR Racing - try a car of your dream in ultra boundary modes of driving, participating in drags racing on the empty city streets! The game received stunning graphics and tightening gameplay! A lot of options will be available to you for upgrade of your car, but to receive them, it is necessary to win races and to earn game money. The more coolly your car is, the more serious rivals you can battle! Prepare for throwing down a challenge to city gangs!

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Crash Dummy

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Download Crash Dummy Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Crash Dummy for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Crash Dummy - Sid comes back! After the success of PC and console versions, this difficult game, at last, comes for Android of devices. It becomes boring for the fan of accidents Sid, since day by day he has the same tests for his safety. However, one fine day the daughter of the professor was kidnapped by his sworn enemy and Sid, at last, gets the chance, to begin the life full of adventures and to become the hero! Help Sid to rescue the daughter of the professor, having passed 16 fascinating levels and 6 huge bosses. You should visit sewerage, bog, ice and lava, but you have to help Sid to fight, run, climb, shoot, and to slink by various clever traps and to pass a set of puzzles.

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Bunny Mania 2

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Download Bunny Mania 2 Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Bunny Mania 2 for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Bunny Mania 2 - a cheerful arcade in which you should help rabbits to reach their lodge! In the game you are waited for by 4 game worlds, 60 levels, 10 tools, bonuses, boxes, traps, elevators, advanced system of helps and pleasant HD graphics.

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Bugs Planet

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Download Bugs Planet Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Bugs Planet for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Bugs Planet - a game with an infinite action. Nick with his friends during the travel found a strange cave, and having come nearer to it to watch it closer Nick slipped and fell down in it and he appeared in alien Bugs World. It is necessary for the main character to come back home, having got out of a cave, but for this purpose him should make many feats and become the defender of bugs from angry monsters. The dynamic system of fight is involved in the game, there are active and passive skills which are perfected in the course of passing.

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Toxin Zombie Annihilation

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Download Toxin Zombie Annihilation Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Toxin Zombie Annihilation for tablet and phone.
Game description:
TOXIN Zombie Annihilation - Mankind again appears the victim of biological experiments, once a cozy small town is filled with mutants zombies. The game is made from the first person, your character - Lieutenant John. He throws down a challenge to the government, and considers that his duty is to exempt the city from invasion of eternally hungry and blood-thirsty zombies. In John's arsenal there’s unlimited number of fighting grenades and some types of weapon. Live dead persons don't intend to recede so simply, they have already occupied the confused labyrinths and try to take control of free space.

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Sound Touch offers Android game Sound Touch for free download.

Download Sound Touch Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Sound Touch for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Sound Touch - a magnificent app, for your child’s studying of animals and objects. By pressing on the category chosen by him, there is an object or animal photo. All this is accompanied by characteristic sounds for the category. The app includes 6 categories, 12 elements, and each element has 4-5 sounds and photos.

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