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Angry Birds Friends

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Download Angry Birds Friends Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Angry Birds Friends for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Angry Birds Friends - now in any place you go you will always have an opportunity to play with your friends Angry Birds! With use of the social network Facebook throw down a challenge to your friends and battle for a title of the best pig fighter and a bird thrower! Battle in daily tournaments for the right to receive one of three prizes: bronze, silver or gold! Daily you are expected by various awards. You can shares gifts and to brag of your achievements.

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Сlumps Of Light

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Download Сlumps Of Light Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Сlumps Of Light for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Сlumps Of Light - A game for training of logical thinking. You need to bring beams to certain blocks. For this purpose blocks which halve beams are placed. To adapt to the game, the first 18 levels are absolutely simple. And all subsequent levels will demand thoughts. Sometimes it will be simple to pass level but to get 5 stars it is necessary to think well.

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Download Walkabout Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Walkabout for tablet and phone.
Game description:
In this game you should collect gold stars, it seems to be simple, but the road falls behind you, therefore there’s no way back. It is necessary to think over the way without coming back, to collect all stars that you see on the screen. In the game there’re 64 levels. Also you can find a special key which will unlock 8 more bonus levels.

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South Surfer

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Download South Surfer Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app South Surfer for tablet and phone.
Game description:
South Surfers - the tropical wave waits! Sweep on cool waves in the role of one of animals, doing improbable somersaults. Don't forget, the sea teems with different sea inhabitants who aim to prevent you sweeping on the wave at a mad speed.

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Sniper Attack

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Download Sniper Attack Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Sniper Attack for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Feel yourself as a sniper in the game Sniper Attack for android. On a game course you need to become a professional sniper to strike the targets skillfully and quickly. So, your purpose - terrorists who captured some objects and barricaded in them. At the beginning of each level the overall picture of the district where it is possible to see and remember the arrangement of bandits will be shown. Then you will be able to see only very small site of space in the sight of your rifle. Be extremely attentive, when performing task because innocent citizens can look out of the windows. And still you have a limited stock of time and cartridges. During 10 levels you will visit city, sea liner and airport.

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Roboto HD

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Download Roboto HD Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Roboto HD for tablet and phone.
Game description:
The game Roboto for Android - is a unique history of adventures of a robot boy, who decides to find the girl, whom he likes. All epic is devoted to his flights on the different worlds, fight against novel threats and battles against bosses after each passable level. All achievements, which have been saved up in fights, the robot can exchange for additional weapon, raise his armor and at the expense of it, overcome even the most impassable galaxies. At thirty stages to achievement of his purpose solve puzzles, find the way out of difficult situations

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Jimmy Pataya

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Download Jimmy Pataya Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Jimmy Pataya for tablet and phone.
Game description:
A reckless and fascinating game. You should feel all charm of a free fall, but it’s not so cloudless, during falling you should turn aside from obstacles and gain points. In the game there are additional bonuses, which will help you to gather the maximum quantity of points.

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Download Galcon Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Galcon for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Dynamic and fascinating strategy with beautiful graphics. On the map there’s your planet and planets of your opponent and other neutral planets for capture. The sense of the game - to destroy the opponent and to take all his planets. And thus you should occupy not busy planets. The size of your space fleet depends on the quantity of the taken planets. Well, it’s a very tightening game!

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Fieldrunners 2

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Download Fieldrunners 2 Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Fieldrunners 2 for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Fieldrunners 2 - be ready to defend the world! The biggest continuation in the history of tower defense, at last, is available to Android devices! Build epic labyrinths of powerful weapon to protect the world from Fieldrunners invasion. Fieldrunners come back! With legions of soldiers and new tricks, are they ready to subdue the whole globe, or they just think so? Our leading scientists in SubaLabs constructed a modern arsenal of destructive weapon, which will help us to protect the earth from the enemy adequately. Use airstrikes and establish explosive traps to strike enemies in the place, where there’re a lot of them. In the game you are waited for by more than 20 new levels, which will be in fields, dried-up deserts, sparkling cities, and even an infernal den of a volcano! Check your sharpness with new fascinating game styles: puzzle, sudden death and survival. Are you ready to stop Fieldrunners forever?

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Daring Raccoon HD offers Android game Daring Raccoon HD for free download.

Download Daring Raccoon HD Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Daring Raccoon HD for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Daring Raccoon HD - a fascinating game in which you should play as an amusing raccoon. You need to gather fruit and vegetables, and the main thing - not to come across to the enemies. You are given an opportunity to run, jump and bypass obstacles.

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