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D&D Arena of War

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Download D&D Arena of War Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app D&D Arena of War for tablet and phone.
Game description:
D&D Arena of War - eternal opposition of good and bad threatens to develop into something bigger. Chosen by Gods you go to establish neutrality and to suppress evil powers.

  • Free movement in the world
  • Strategic fights
  • Control of resistance powers, with association of armies
  • Fight against bosses gives good awards
  • Multiplayer for passing

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Brave Heroes

Get Brave Heroes and other apk games totally free.

Download Brave Heroes Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Brave Heroes for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Brave Heroes - at your order there’s an army of brave heroes. Show your strategic and tactical skills to overcome all enemies irrespective of their number.

  • Many heroes on a choice
  • Each hero possesses unique skills and abilities
  • Tens and hundreds of heroic strategy
  • 2 developments of a plot

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Blood Brothers

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Download Blood Brothers Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Blood Brothers for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Blood Brothers - Once, the world was divided into two halves, one of which belonged to vampires, and the second to people and each half had the king. And everything was good until the king of people didn't have a desire to take the whole world entirely. Vampires lost in this fight... You should revive the vampires fallen during the fight to revenge mankind.

  • eight heroes on a choice;
  • more than 400 types of beings;
  • interesting maps;
  • conventional weapons and ancient magic;
  • evolution of characters;
  • authorization through Mobage or Facebook;
  • help of friends.

Views: 17315 | Popularity: 1673 Download

Enjoy PetraVis and any other Android game absolutely free.

Download PetraVis Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app PetraVis for tablet and phone.
Game description:
PetraVis - an analog of games Minecrift and Minebuilder. Create your world from blocks and make it revive and interact. You will be able to create houses, people, animal and through the game course you will be able to carry out quest tasks.

  • Improved graphics which differs by new specification and spectacular special effects!
  • Convenient management and clear interface
  • A dragging-out game process which is based only on your imagination!
  • A lot of types of cubes which you can use to make practically anything!
  • Table of records and game achievements!

Views: 65301 | Popularity: 28142 Download
Howdy! Zombie

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Download Howdy! Zombie Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Howdy! Zombie for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Howdy! Zombie - in one of small towns of the Wild West once at night dead people left their graves and went to devour all on their way. A brave bartender, with his girlfriend decided to reject evil spirits pressure. Over time other inhabitants will be tightened to you for the aid.

  • gameplay combining arcade, RPG and RTS
  • team from 4 unique characters
  • 38 various levels
  • 39 achievements to unblock

Views: 39547 | Popularity: 5601 Download
World of Wizards

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Download World of Wizards Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app World of Wizards for tablet and phone.
Game description:
World of Wizards - become a real magician. Study new and new spells, improve your staff and battle to other players worldwide.

  • bright animation
  • more than 100 levels
  • adjusted avatar
  • a huge collection of animals

Views: 16134 | Popularity: 1546 Download
Whack a Dragon

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Download Whack a Dragon Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Whack a Dragon for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Whack a Dragon - a new and fascinating arcade on reaction with RPG elements. Go to a fantastic world, where dragons live, improve the weapon and armor of the main character and try to pass all levels, having carried out all tasks.

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Crusade Of Destiny

Enjoy Android game Crusade Of Destiny and tons of other addictive games.

Download Crusade Of Destiny Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Crusade Of Destiny for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Crusade Of Destiny — it’s the first full-scale three-dimensional game in RPG genre for Android phones. The plot of the game is developed at the time of magic and dragons. You should pass "Crusade Of Destiny" with all range of that what it is possible to meet, including searches, equipment purchase in shops, battle with bosses, mythical beings, etc.

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Axe and Fate

Try Axe and Fate one of the top games for your tablet or phone.

Download Axe and Fate Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Axe and Fate for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Axe and Fate - the continent "Ekzulars" - a part of the ancient continent, at the first sight, absolutely is not suitable for life, but there’re inhabitants there... The North was occupied by prisoners, the South became a habitat of pirates, and the woody part of the continent isn't studied and some consider that there is an ancient temple of Minotaurs. After civil war between Ironfisted brothers, continent colonization began, and in time the whole power was taken in the hands by mighty knight Agalar, after that he reconciled and united knights and necromancers to create a mighty coalition against any enemy. Nothing foretold trouble, but once the mysterious magician asked audiences for Agalar and he accepted it, after that the magician started creating soaring towers over a kingdom and began to bring together pupils. When construction ended, a half-dead person rushed into the city, on whose body the ultimatum of Minotaurs was cut out - "Expel the magician from the Holy Land, or you roll in blood". Agalar ignored this message and Minotaurs intruded in east lands, and after them, in the western lands, rebels rose also... But with this troubles didn't end, once constructed on the island, near the continent, an old beacon which served as a signal from invasion of pirates and insurgents, didn't give any signs of life for some months, and Argalar decides to send a group of heroes to the island to find out what occurs on a beacon...

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RPG Symphony of the Origin offers Android game RPG Symphony of the Origin for free download.

Download RPG Symphony of the Origin Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app RPG Symphony of the Origin for tablet and phone.
Game description:
RPG Symphony of the Origin - excellent RPG in which you are waited for by people, elves, gnomes, devils of vaults and golems! People, elves and gnomes were united by one misfortune, in the form of disgusting beings, who subsoil from the bowels of the earth and attacked them. Gradually attacks became more often, more extensively and more terribly. These beings were nicknamed by "Devils of a Vault"! Once they attacked the Granzalk Castle. In time this attack parents of a young fencer pupil were killed, and he swore to revenge for their death. He appears in underground chambers of the castle and in one of the cameras he finds the constructed golem for opposition to the evil. From this point the game begins. In the game there’s smooth animation of dynamic fights, a huge number of enemies, some of which after damages can become stronger, for example, having lost armor the speed of their movements increases. Use similar changes in your own favor. Adjust weapon and statuses. The weapon of characters consists of parts, having united them it is possible to change attack power, not speaking about magic. Also you can upgrade your weapon, having visited inside game shop.

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