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Zombie Hunting

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Download Zombie Hunting Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Zombie Hunting for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Zombie Hunting is a fantastically interesting shooter arcade game, in which you will meet a great number of zombies and will shoot them from four different guns. Unlike other games in the game you can not only shoot zombies , but also save them, burying them on the cemetery and getting a bonus for that. The game has great animated graphics and nice sound effects.

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Heretic GLES

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Download Heretic GLES Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Heretic GLES for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Heretic GLES is a classic game that was very successfully ported to Android. You will have the opportunity to play as Sidhe, one of the last elves. Dangerous enemies D'Sparil, Serpent Rider managed to almost completely destroy your entire civilization. It’s high time to pay the bills. You have nothing to lose. Your main purpose is to at any cost find and send murderers of your people to Hell to burn there. It will be difficult to make, as you will meet hordes of scary monsters that will try to kill you by any means on your dangerous and thorny path. The game is beautiful with its graphics, 3-D monsters, realistic effects of blood and water, dynamic lights and marvelous plot.

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Water Wars

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Download Water Wars Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Water Wars for tablet and phone.
Game description:
This game will transfer you to water and you should operate a small motor boat which is equipped with the real weapon. Don't forget to turn aside from enemy bullets, because they can quickly make a hole in your vessel and then it will instantly go to the bottom. Each level has new battles and as the result you can receive bronze, silver or gold if certainly you aren’t sent to the bottom.

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SAS Zombie Assault 3

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Download SAS Zombie Assault 3 Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app SAS Zombie Assault 3 for tablet and phone.
Game description:
The next game shooter about zombie. Destroy them alone or in multiuser level online. There’re a lot of types of ranks, a huge choice of weapon, grenades, 9 types of zombie, accurate graphics, all this and not only is presented to you. Survive throughout all 40 levels and unblock all achievements.

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Gun of Glory

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Download Gun of Glory Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Gun of Glory for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Gun of Glory – an excellent action in which you need to exterminate all monsters in the world before they don’t kill you! In the game there is a set of various locations, which possess unique monsters. Generally, this game is an infinite shooter game in which you constantly need to buy new weapon and to shoot back your enemies. Some popular types of machine guns are available for your character. Also you will have an air blow!

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Fields of Glory

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Download Fields of Glory Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Fields of Glory for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Fields of Glory – tanks on glory fields. Operate a real fighting tank, equip it with the heavy-duty weapon and destroy all enemies. To become a skilled commander you should develop your own strategy of attack and retreat. Thoughtless acts can lead you to the death.

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The Runes Guild Beginning

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Download The Runes Guild Beginning Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app The Runes Guild Beginning for tablet and phone.
Game description:
The Runes Guild – Beginning - Chaos extends on the lands and you have to stop it. Everybody despaired that there’s no hope for people, orks, elves, the doomsday approaches. Those, who wanted peace, now fight for a survival among disasters, diseases and the evil of raids. Among them there is a small group, which trusts in basic elements of life, and they fight for it, they feed hungry and treatment of wounded. First of all, they believe that in the best future will come. They are called Guild Fleece, you are one of them and you fight for the peace in the world.

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Gears & Guts

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Download Gears & Guts Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Gears & Guts for tablet and phone.
Game description:
GEARS & GUTS – an excellent arcade, from the known Glu Mobile developer. In this game you should clear the city of zombie, operating a car with a huge arsenal. The plot of the game narrates that a certain city was taken by zombies, and you, as the one of the survived, have to clear the city streets from these evil spirits. At your order there will be a car with installed weapon. You can carry out improvement of your guns and machine guns, besides during the game new stronger and shattering cars will open. There is a lot of blood in the game. The moments, when your car presses or shoots at zombie, are very colorful. Fans of shooting in zombie for certain will like this game. For murder of zombie you get experience, besides your car has so-called lives, if you spend all of them the mission will be failed. In the game, except bulk of the zombie, there are also BOSSES, and you should let out a mass of bullets to kill them.

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Final Space

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Download Final Space Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Final Space for tablet and phone.
Game description:
Final Space – Universe conquest. At the very beginning of the 25th century the mankind successfully colonized such planets, as Mars, Venus and Saturn. Now people are on the verge of conquest of the whole Universe. All this became possible thanks to galactic wormholes. However, as it usually happens, the peace lasted not for long. The main character - a pilot of a spaceship. Your task consists in patrol of the territory and destruction of the enemy. Investigate three planetary systems: The solar system, Alpha Centauri system and Sirius, enjoy excellent graphics, a dynamic gameplay and magnificent sound effects.

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Megatroid offers Android game Megatroid for free download.

Download Megatroid Android free game. Get full version of Android apk app Megatroid for tablet and phone.
Game description:
MEGATROID - you should survive in the world of revolt of cars and your main objective - to exempt a galaxy from domination of the cars, which have proclaimed themselves highest race! Consisting in group of a galactic information network of insurgents you need to execute a large number of missions, which approach you to mankind release. The magnificent platform arcade, with the most beautiful three-dimensional graphics, convenient management and a good plot waits for you!

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